Beauty Energy cosmetic


When wishing to have a perfect skin, we must understand our body first! Our skin is the mirror of the interaction between the outer world and the status of our inner body. Perfection is the reflection of body´s harmony; individual imperfections are signals of biologic balance deflection. By means of carefully selected most active ingredients, we take care of the skin, provide the inner organism with power and restore the requisite calmness of the mind.

BEAUTY ENERGY - CATALOGUE  Beauty_Energy_EN  (pdf, 1,97 MB)

Basic principles

We approach every single aspect of our products with the best care and pure intent. Every product is based on highest natural foundations; it is well-absorbed and skin-friendly while providing smooth application and long-term effects. The extraordinary amount of active substances is a combination of methods of phytotherapy, aromatherapy, crystaltherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and bioresonance to achieve the best possible effect resulting from the interaction of these methods.

Natural perfumes

Natural perfumes consist of aromatherapeutic amounts of the rarest essences only and give an exceptional individuality to each product. They are instruments of a gentle therapy that has the enormous potency to reach deep mind and harmonize the inner power. Containing the solely essence of herbs, these perfumes are the most powerful substances in plant kingdom: many of them are even the most expensive ones.


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