Calendar of use Energy preparations

Calendar of use Energy preparations

In addition to the measurements conducted by Supertronic or the application of other methods which may be recommended for the use of optimum Energy products, users are offered yet another option – usage reflecting seasons of the year. This method of decision-making about what and when should be provided to the body is appropriate especially in health prevention. First, it is necessary to take into account the impacts of infections which are impossible to associate with a specific month; e.g. the risk of flu is usually the highest from January to April and from November to the end of the year. Tonsillitis may occur throughout the year, with its maximum in summer. That is why recommendations for the instances of infections should be always followed. The figures in brackets give dosages in drops, capsules or tablets – morning, noon, and night – and the minimum number of days for which the product should be used. 

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In the event of a viral condition affecting the airways VIRONAL is certainly available (5-5-5 for 7 days); it establishes the base for immunity against infections. GREPOFIT (1-1-1, 7 to 14 days), moreover, has specific effects and is able to stop an active infection, or at least alleviate a more advanced infection and to speed up the recovery. We should not forget to treat the mucosa with FLAVOCEL (1-1-1-1-1 for 3 days). For cough DROSERIN (twice a day for one week, to be applied in the chest area) should be used, together with DRAGS IMUN where fever is present (5-10 drops three times a day for at least one week). 

Bacterial conditions affecting the respiratory tract require different regeneration products. Immunity can be again enhanced by VIRONAL in the same dosage as for viral conditions. An active bacterial infection, however, may be better controlled by RENOL (5-5-5, 14 days) or KING KONG (5-5-5, 14 days). In an advanced-stage of the disease it is possible to avail of DRAGS IMUN, which works as a natural antibiotic agent (in the dose of 10 drops taken with water after meals three times a day for the period of 14 days). During recovery, you may appreciate the healing effects of the same product in the dose of 5 drops 2-3 times a day for the period of 3 weeks.

The beginning of January is influenced by the celebrations of the coming year. One may surely avail of REGALEN intended for the adverse effects caused by dietary mistakes affecting the digestive tract (5-5-5, 2 to 7 days). During the winter season, much burden is placed primarily upon the excretory system which may be harmonised by RENOL (5-0-5, 14 to 21 days). The accumulated metabolites may be eliminated by BALNEOL baths (twice a week for the period of 14 to 21 days) or by detoxification with CYTOSAN (0-0-1, 3 weeks). Of creams, RUTICELIT or Piedin may be applied for problems with poor blood circulation in legs, and PROTEKTIN as the protection of the face from sunrays in the mountains.

During this month, the burden of metabolites on our body caused by an inadequate intake of vitamins in natural diet culminates. FLAVOCEL (1 tablet once a day/every other day for 3 weeks) is a suitable supplement. The accumulation of acidic metabolites in the body may be managed by CYTOSAN (1-0-1, 3 weeks), FLAVOCEL (1-0-0, 3 weeks), Fytominerál (5-5-5 taken in 2dl of water for 3 weeks) as well as by BALNEOL baths (at least twice a week for 15 minutes). Generally, the elimination of metabolites may be enhanced by RENOL (5-5-5, 2 to 3 weeks). The recommendations for creams are extended by ARTRIN, as the accumulated by-products (metabolites) pose an increased load on the joint system.

This is the first of the spring months, when spirits rise (there is more light and the night grows shorter), yet in terms of health March ranges among the most risky months in the year. In this month the phenomenon or, more precisely, the spring fatigue syndrome, breaks out. From our point of view this represents a decrease in the body pH (increased acidity) rather than a lack of vitamins. More often, problems are caused by spring viral infections which provoke an increased production of antibodies. This is a process with high energy demands, and hence it manifests as a lack of energy and tiredness, even if no pronounced clinical symptoms are present. Nowadays, in our Central-European conditions, we all fight viruses against which our organisms produce antibodies, sometimes with more success, other times less successfully. March is a month when, due to the annual periodicity, the antibody immunity drop alternates with the cellular immunity increase. During these changes, the organism gets generally weaker. That is why various colds are abundant in this period and the flu epidemics often spread rapidly. This risky time continues also in April. Preventively, the same products as in February may be used, unless we have used them in the previous month. For the transitory period from winter to spring, GYNEX is also suitable, both for women and men (5-0-5, 3 weeks). The metabolite burden upon the body culminates, with the metabolites showing also slight toxicity. The time for detoxifying cures emphasising the hepatic function is coming. Here, REGALEN (5-0-5, 3 weeks) and CYTOSAN (0-0-1 for the 1st week, 1-0-1 for the 2nd week, 1-1-1 for the 3rd week) are irreplaceable. Of creams, the application of CYTOVITAL is recommendable, incl. complete cosmetics, and the CARALOTION body milk. To enhance immunity in general, VITAMARIN (1-0-1, 2 weeks) and King-Kong (5-5-5, 3 weeks) are recommended.

In general, the same recommendations as those for March apply, these months being similar and differing only in the progress of weather. In April we should begin to prepare for the warm summer days. That is why it is good to prepare the vascular system in advance. An ideal product for individuals with a predisposition to vascular problems is CELITIN (1-0-1, 3 weeks); towards the end of April the application of KOROLEN (5-0-5, 3 weeks) is advisable. The period of spring infections accompanied by the fatigue syndrome or depressive conditions begins, and for these STIMARAL (7-7-0, 14 days) has been proven an effective product. In this period, the burden of metabolites on the colon microflora reaches its maximum and, at the same time, the outside climatic conditions alter in favour of increased fungi growth both on the body surface and inside, mainly in the colon. It is again the time for the application of Piedin, not only on the feet, but practically all over the body. For internal use we may avail of PROBIOSAN, which helps to optimise the environment in the colon to enhance the growth of the proper microflora. This product, apart from other, also enhances immunity in general, both by microflora normalisation and by the direct effects of the CHLORELLA algae extract on the immune system. Of creams we may consider the application of DROSERIN or PROTEKTIN.

A highly changeable period begins. Warm, sunny days prevail, yet they often turn to chilly, rainy days; first storms appear as well. It is a transitory period, and that is why our first choice will be a product enhancing the adaptation of the body to both climatic and psycho-social changes, GYNEX (5-5-5, 2 to 3 weeks). At the time before the onset of a storm, a single use of REGALEN (10 drops, 1 to 3 applications) is possible. In May we continue to detoxify the microflora of our colon using PROBIOSAN. People with a predisposition to vascular problems should preventively treat their vessels with KOROLEN and/or CELITIN, unless they have done so in April. Of creams, PROTEKTIN applied to areas exposed to the sharp spring sun is advisable. After the winter, our skin is insufficiently protected by pigment, and PROTEKTIN provides protection of its germinal layers from the most dangerous component of the UV spectrum. It is recommended to apply it locally, e.g. on birth-marks and other pigment anomalies of the skin throughout summer. CYTOVITAL or CARALOTION should be used to treat the skin after sunbathing.

This is one of the warmest months of the year, which implies a burden on the vascular system together with its functional organ – the heart. In this period it is no longer possible to act preventively through the regeneration cure, as there is a jeopardy of a reverse reaction, which may be much unpleasant with vessels. For this reason KOROLEN should be used only for acute conditions, with short-term application. Should heart problems arise, 5-10 drops should be used as a single dose or for three days at the most. CELITIN may be used without limitations. Towards the end of June, epidemics of quinsy break out; VITAMARIN (1-0-1, 2 weeks) may be applied preventively as well as therapeutically. Its effect should be enhanced with the administration of RENOL (5-0-5 preventively, 7-7-7therapeutically for the period of 1 to 2 weeks). Of creams, PROTEKTIN may be used for excess sunbathing of sensitive areas (birth-marks, pale patches of skin – vitiligo, etc.) and RUTICELIT to treat skin flares. ARTRIN is suitable where blisters might develop, and DROSERIN or CYTOVITAL for general skin regeneration. Much useful is also the CARALOTION regeneration body milk, which should be preferred to other creams in prevention during this season.

The very warm weather continues, which may be spoiled by the “monsoon” period of St. Médard’s rain. In this month you may choose from the products listed under June. The incidence of summer tonsillitis reaches its peak and, moreover, for the regeneration of the entire viscera as well as the skin we need building blocks in the form of unsaturated fatty acids. The optimum choice for this regeneration is VITAMARIN, especially if you exclude fish from your diet. In these cases 1 capsule twice a day for the period of 3 weeks should be used. In the case of rainfall, RENOL, a product otherwise typical for winter months, may be applied for the increased burden on the excretory system. Regular BALNEOL baths can work wonders, too. Recommendations for creams remain unchanged till the end of the summer holidays. During summer, the body typically produces more free radicals inside. That is why it is time for another detoxifying cure with CYTOSAN (if it is the first one in the year, the following regime is recommended: 0-0-1 for the 1st week, 1-0-1 for the 2nd week, 1-1-1 for the 3rd week; for a repeated detoxification cure: 1-1-1 for the period of 1 to 2 weeks). FLAVOCEL (1-0-1, 1 week) may be helpful, too, for its high content of flavonoids.

The very warm summer period is slowly withering away, mornings are usually cold, the period of occasional summer storms continues. For sensitive individuals, REGALEN (7 drops 1 to 3 times per day) offers adequate single-application prevention against deterioration of the physical as well as mental condition before a storm. After return from holidays abroad, in particular from the tropic and sub-tropic zones, there is an increased risk of parasitic diseases. Suitable products for these instances are GYNEX (7-7-7, 2 weeks) and DRAGS IMUN (10-10-10 drops taken with water for the period of at least 14 days). 

At this time, a frequently occurring condition after the return from holidays by the sea is herpes. Before coming back to our environment it is necessary to prepare the immune system for the increased burden. VIRONAL (5-5-5, 1 week in prevention) is helpful; after the appearance of herpetic lesions, liquid talc in the form of any Energy toothpaste should be applied. Best experience has been shown with SILIX. It dries quickly and, moreover, has therapeutic properties. For neglected herpes, AUDIRON should be used and, internally, GYNEX (5-5-5, 1 week). After the disappearance of acute herpes it is advisable to regenerate the skin with the combination of DROSERIN and CYTOVITAL. Unless we have done so in July, we combat the production of free radicals using CYTOSAN.

This period is characterised with the start of the school year for children. Students, who come to get their education from all over the country, usually bring with them infections from various parts of the country. It is therefore helpful to enhance the immune system of youth at the beginning of the school year with VIRONAL (7-7-7, 1 week), or even more ideally, with STIMARAL (9-9-0, 1 to 2 weeks), because this product, moreover, helps to improve concentration and contributes to easier learning and memorising. We have the last chance to normalise the vascular system with KOROLEN (5-5-5, at least for 14 days) or with CELITIN (1-0-1, 3 weeks). The end of September means a change of seasons. The best product for improved adaptability of the organism is GYNEX (5-0-5, 3 weeks), from creams it is again CYTOVITAL as well as DROSERIN, which should be used as a base for the application of other Energy creams or other cosmetic products.

The application of GYNEX should be continued; a useful product to enhance the immunity for the coming period is KING KONG (5-0-5, 3 weeks) and VITAMARIN (0-0-1, 3 weeks). The end of October is risky in terms of the outbreak of viral conditions affecting the upper airways. We should have GREPOFIT handy, as it specifically enhances immunity (1-0-1, 1 to 2 weeks). Of creams, it is likely that ARTRIN will be suitable for rheumatic problems and joint pain also after exercise. Help for tired legs is represented by RUTICELIT for calves and Piedin for feet.

This is one of the most risky months of the year. It is again the time of alteration between the function of antibody immunity and cellular immunity. At this time, infections, including fungal ones, spread the most. It is advisable to normalise the colon microflora using PROBIOSAN (1-0-1, 1 week) and to supplement the levels of micronutrients for the activation of all enzymatic systems, which may be achieved with Fytominerál (7-7-7, in 2dl of water for 3 weeks). The application of KING KONG or RENOL (5-0-5, 3 weeks) should be continued. Due to the spreading of diseases affecting the airways we can help improve the immunity of lungs with VIRONAL (7-7-7, 1 week) or GREPOFIT (1-1-1, 1 week). DRAGS IMUN (5-5-5 in water, 1 week) also play its preventive role here. Of creams, we may continue the application of ARTRINDROSERIN should be applied to the chest area. Joint problems may be alleviated also by PROTEKTIN.

This month is associated with the rush before Christmas and with the shortest days of the year. It results in a huge mental burden followed by exhaustion. A suitable product to improve the condition or for preventive purposes is STIMARAL (7-7-0, 1 week) and for long-term stress GYNEX (7-7-7, 1 week). Detoxification of the digestive tract with CYTOSAN (1-0-1, 3 weeks) may be continued, followed by PROBIOSAN (1-0-1, 1 week). Of the regeneration products, the most suitable one is RENOL (5-5-5, 3 weeks); after Christmas, when dietary mistakes are typical, REGALEN (5-5-5, as necessary, usually less than 1 week) comes into play. Acidic metabolites accumulate in the body, which may be well corrected with a BALNEOL bath. Another helpful product can be FLAVOCEL (1-0-0, 1 to 2 weeks). Creams should have, in this period, rather a protective effect. First of all, it is necessary to take care of your feet in winter air-tight boots – Piedin as well as PROTEKTIN should be used. The latter also protects the skin from potent UV radiation in the mountains. A suitable product for the face care and improved blood circulation in the skin is RUTICELIT. You will surely appreciate it after a long-term exposure to freezing wind, as well as for frostbite, both for face and hand or feet application. Let me conclude saying that it is not essential to use everything as recommended here, one should choose with respect to the specific situation or immediate need. The recommendations are general, helping to better consider the selection of a regeneration product. The recommendations apply to healthy individuals; should you have any problems, it is necessary to consider your health when choosing the products.

MVDr. Lubomír Chmelař, PhD.


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