Regeneration in PENTAGRAM


This new, progressive method of regeneration is founded upon the principles of bioinformation therapy and a holistic approach to man. It comes from the ancient theory of Yin Yang and the Five Agents (Wu Xing), into which the latest findings from wide-ranging areas of phytotherapy, homeopathy, crystalopathy and bioresonance are incorporated.

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The carrier of bioinformation is an herbal polycomposite extract attuned to the order of the Five Agents to help bring all life processes in the body into a balanced state. This results in general harmonization of the personality of the individual, and thus to overall strengthening of immunity.

In developing our preparations, we also took into account the principle that each plant, mineral and other substances that can be used for regeneration have the greatest effect when diluted to the right degree. Bioinformation preparations developed based on this new method affect the human organism at several levels at once. Active substances from plants influence body organs directly through meridian interconnection, and by applying bioresonance, information components interrupt the cause of illness back in the person’s information field. By this synergistic effect, their maximum potency appears.

The entire revolutionary Energy regeneration system is formed of five basic wide-spectrum regeneration preparations, which mutually enhance one another and are designed to
harmonize all important areas of the human organism. The word „wide-spectrum“ means that each preparation regenerates several areas at once.

One great advantage is the creativity of use of individual preparations and in the simplicity of the system, in which anybody can administer personal preventive healthcare.

Complete brochure can be downloaded in pdf file by clicking on the picture below.



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