Table of indications Preparations Energy

  Table of indications Preparations Energy

This table is just an informational aid helping to choose a suitable product from our product range as a supplementation in the treatment of various health conditions. However, as all human beings are different, different are also the reasons for health disorders, therefore it is advisable always consult your therapist and/or physician.

Natural preparations of Energy, Product Overview

Natural preparations of Energy, Product Overview

Welcome to Energy Group, a. s., Czech producer of natural herbal products and food supplements. All our products are based on the combination of the principles of the traditional Chinese medicine and the latest findings in the fields of plant therapy using mainly local plants, homeopathy, crystal therapy, bio-resonance, and psychotronics. 

The current range of products represents a self-contained offer of preparations improving health and culture of a human life. It includes Pentagram of herbal concentrates and creams, products containing unique natural substances, toothpastes, cosmetics, and a number of other products complementing the effects of the aforementioned lines. 

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Frequently asked questions, Energy

Frequently asked questions, Energy

  1. Can I use Energy products when treated with antibiotics?
  2. My son/daughter is only 2 year old; can he/she use these products?
  3. Do your products have any side effectsflIf yes, what are they?
  4. How should I use the concentrates in acute cases?
  5. How should I use them in chronic conditions?
  6. Why do I have to shake the bottle 21 timesflWhat happens if I make a mistake?
  7. Can I use your products diluted in water (tea, coffee)?
  8. Can I use more products at once?
  9. What should I do if I use Korolen for longer time, and then I fall with flu for which Vironal is better?
  10. What happens if I exceed recommended dose?
  11. Can I use these products during pregnancy?
  12. Can I use contraception together with Gynex?
  13. Can animals take these products? 

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