Cordyceps sinensis

 Cordyceps sinensis.  What is Cordyceps?


Fungi of the Cordyceps type are sporous and parasite on insects, as well as, much less frequently, on mushrooms. Their stroma develops from the dense mass of mycelium that fills the body of the owner. Parameters and a shape of stroma vary. They could be very long, filamentous as the ones of Cordyceps elongala, cylinder shaped, pin shaped or cap shaped. Some fungi have very short stroma, not more than 1.5-2.5 mm of length; the ones of others can even reach 20-30 cm. Stroma are of different color: whitish, gray, yellow, orange, red, brown, green and black.

Peritetiae usually form only on the part of stroma while a stem remains sterile.

The stem includes about 200 species. The most of them parasite on insects of different orders: grasshoppers, web-footed, straight-winged, even-winged, bi-winged, butterflies.

Some Cordyceps stem fungi parasite on fungi. Two of such specie can he found in Europe (C.clavicipitis) and Japan (C.clavicipiticola). Two other Species are often found in the underground layers of the middle zone of the northern hemisphere.

The majority of Cordyceps stem fungi grow in the holarctic zone (Europe, Asia, North America, South Africa). Only one specie can be considered as cosmopolitan Cordyceps tuberculata. Far arctic species are spread in different places all over the zone. Some of them, such as Cordyceps militaris, Cordyceps capitata, and Cordyceps ophioglossoides are met in all the regions of the zone. Others occupy very small areas. For instance, 5 types that parasite on cicadas, are known only in Japan, the Chinese Cordyceps I (Cordyceps sinensis) is only met in the Southern and Central China.

Cordyceps sinensis grows primarily on the caterpillar of the moth Hepialus armoricanus Oberthur in different regions of China, but Cordyceps of high quality can be found only in the hard to reach high mountain areas of Qinghai and Gansu provinces as well as in the north-west of Tibet on the altitude higher than 3500 meters above the sea level. Only such conditions, i.e. low temperature and the lack of oxygen, prevent the mixing of mycelium of different fungi.

When ascospores of this Cordyceps get into larva integument, they grow and their tubes get into the body of the owner. The fungi starts developing in the body of the insect till it overwhelms it completely. After the death of larva and having consumed everything it contains, the tough mass of pseudosclerotia is formed.

In autumn pseudosclerotii gain black cylinder stromas that always come out from the insect’s head. The height of stromas vary from 4 to 12 centimeters.

The issues of insects, that were killed by Cordyceps, are not inhabited by bacteria and do not decompose. This is connected with formation by Cordyceps of the natural antibiotic cordecepyn that is excreted in the issues of host insect to protect the substratum against microorganism’ invasion.

History of Cordyceps’ appliance.

Cordyceps’s unique life circle has drawn the attention of the Chinese people since the old days. They called it “dunchun-setsao” (“a worm in the wintertime, a grass in the summer time”).

For more than 1 200 years Cordyceps is being applied for health strengthening PLI and prophylaxis.

Cordyceps has been started to he used as medicine in the times of the Qing Dynasty Rule for curing chronic bronchitis, insomnia, pneumonia, hypertension, pulmonary emphysema and tuberculosis; it was applied to take off post-disease tiredness and weakness, as anemia and cough.

Some centuries ago the features of Cordyceps were described in the following way in the treatise on the Chinese medicine “The New Pharmacopeia”:

“The Chinese Cordyceps has a sweet taste, neutral effects, it preserves lungs, improves kidney, nourishes bone marrow, stops bleeding and phlegm, takes away the cough”.

The appliance of Cordyceps is also provisioned in the authoritative Chinese classical treatise by Tzhao Suemin “The addition to the “Summarized Pharmacopeia” (year 1765), which contains 921 medical means. The appliance of Cordyceps is also mentioned in the earlier works on the Chinese medicine and pharmacy: “Cordyceps is effective means to preserve the lungs, it is also useful for kidneys; effective in bleeding and phlegm prevention; it is the principal treating factor in the cases of lungs “Yin” insufficiency (when one suffers l of tuberculosis caused cough and blood spitting), as well as in cases of kidney (“Yang”) insufficiency (in cases of prospermia and spermatorrhea). It effectively helps to get rid of “a hundred of insufficiencies, a hundred of diseases!”.

The following is said in the book of “Modern Application of the Chinese Medicine”: “Cordyceps is used in the treatment process of such diseases as tuberculosis (of lungs), cough, asthma, hemoptysis, night fever, abnormally intense sweating, anemia, overall weakness, impotence, spermatorrhea, cold, lacrimation, etc.” Since Cordyceps is a rare fungus, growing in hard to reach locations, only the Emperor family and the highest officials could afford using it.

The Discoveries of Modern Medicine.

In the eighties of 20 century Chinese, Japanese and American pharmacists have shown interest in Cordyceps. But it received attention in the West only after several Chinese runners on a Cordyceps-containing diet established various world long-distance records in 1993. Extensive research in China in the last years has uncovered the main effects of the fungus to he increased efficiency of oxygen-utilization, oxygen free-radical scavenging, antiaging, hypolipidemic, antiatheroscierotic and sexual function-restorative. Having studied its contents, the scientists have found that this plant contains polysaccharides, adenosine, mannitol, vitamins and minerals, irreplaceable amino acids, glycosides, peptides, triterpenoids.

At the present time of the main Cordyceps active components are thoroughly studied:

Cordycepin: Cordycepin is a kind of nucleotide substance which offers a desirable performance to improve body immunity and resistant to oxidation so as to effectively restrain the composition of MRNA. Its high efficiency of anti-tumor, anti-virus and anti-tubercle bacillus has been widely recognized.

Cordyceps Polysaccharides: Cordyceps polysaccharides is a kind of agent to enhance and improve the non-differential immunity system which can regulate the immunity of heart and liver, improve the metabolization as well as better the body microcirculation to help repair pith epithelial cells and produce blood cells by stimulating generation of truncal hemopoietic cells (generated by bone marrow).

D-mannite (Cordyceps Acid): D-mannite can remove the free radicals of oxygen, slows down the aging of cells and rehabilitates the epith epithelial cells.

Adenosine: It has the functions to regulate the secretion of neurotransmitter and adrenal gland. Thus it has been clinically used to improve the microcirculation of heart, brain and kidney as well as to help increase body active immunity.

Microelements: Trace elements like calcium, selenium and zinc are important substances necessary to keep the normal working of body physiological functions.

After having scientifically proven that Cordyceps prevents aging, its market price rose by a hundred times.
State of the Art Technologies of Cordyceps’ Adaptation.

Traditional technologies do not allow to make use of valuable Cordyceps components to the full. Using the method of high temperature in adaptation of raw material eventually leads to the fall out of active substances. Together with this, the membrane of fungus’s cells is composed of chitin and is quite solid. Therefore, it is impossible to extract more important components of Cordyceps, that are within inner cells. That is exactly the reason why in the process of production and adaptation of Cordyceps our company uses only the state of the art methods. With the help of the newest technologies the active particles are extracted from cell membrane. Applying low temperature and vacuum concentration extraction technologies enable to practically completely preserve mannitol, Cordycepin, polysaccharides and other vital active components of fungus’s cells. The usage of fluid preparation makes the process of adaptation of these components by the human organism easier. The effectiveness of adaptation increases 10 times, which enables to reach the maximum effect of fluid Cordyceps preparations.

Cordyceps liquid.

The product manufactured by the Ancient Chinese recipe, occupies the central position on the list of health and prophylactic preparations in China, Japan, Korea. The Cordyceps liquid takes away tiredness, enhances body endurance, improves delivery of oxygen to the brain and hypoxia resistance, regulates the immunity, slows down the aging process.

Its special formulation helps to boost body’s function in coping with intensive working life.

The Cordyceps liquid was awarded the golden reward of the People’s Republic of China as the best product in the field of scientific technologies, the Chinese International Golden award as biologically active food supplement slowing down the aging process. Carrying out the fist Pan-Chinese check of biological supplements, the Cordyceps liquid took the first place as the pr that deserves trust of consumers. The 26-th Olympic Games, the Cordyceps liquid was confirmed by the national team of People’s Republic of China as a special sporty restoring preparation, and then it was awarded International Certificate of FDA as a restoring preparation of traditional Chinese medicine.

The Chinese Cordyceps constitutes the essence of the product. It widens capillaries, increases elasticity of blood vessel improves blood circulation, causes the drop of cholesterol in blood, strengthens adaptive abilities of human body. Cordyceps also is able to effectively increase the rate of leukocytes, stimulate proliferation of megakaryocytic of spleen, activate the functioning of hypothalamus and hypophysis. In addition to that, Cordyceps increases the hormone secretion, regulates biochemical processes of the human body.

The main ingredients: Cordyceps Sinensis, mushroom extra Ganoderma Lucidum, honey.

The Cordyceps liquid is completely natural preparation. It does not contain hormones and chemical substances.

It is not a medicine.

Cordyceps Composite Formulation in Liquid Form.

Due to synergy of highly valuable herbs of traditional Chinese medicine, the preparation regulates all systems of the organism. Cordyceps Composite Formulation is known as health and longevity guarantee.

It improves blood circulation in a heart and lungs. This product is successfully applied to strengthen the functioning of kidneys and in treating urogenital diseases of: prostatitis and adenoma for men and urogenital area diseases for women. It helps to normalize the level of cholesterol and to overcome the syndrome of chronic tiredness.

The major raw material of the product is the mycelium of Cordyceps Sinensis, extracted from fresh wild awe to growing on the Qinghai plateau of China. Cordyceps’ adenosine is known for its calming, inflammation preventive effects. It heals insomnia, carries out complex function causing the drop of cholesterol, improves the nourishment of brains and heart tissues, regulates the function of thrombocyte aggregation. Cordyceps’ polysaccharides and cyclic dipeptides help to stop the appearance and multiplication of cancer cells, speed up the withdrawal of radio-nucleoids, increase the biological activity of the immune system, activate reticuloendothelium system and phagocytic function of abdominal macro-phagocytes, increases the index of lymphocytes’ transformation.

The effect of Cordyceps is supplemented by another precious fungus Ganoderma Lucidum. Aforementioned components constitute 80 per cent of the product.

Cordyceps Composite Formulation also includes the following herbs:

Xianggu (Lentinula Edodes), which includes lentinan, a beta-glucan polysaccharide which helps to normalize the level of blood sugar, increases C-peptide, and consequently, insulin. It also helps to prevent diabetic diseases. In case of cancer, Xianggu increases generation of perform, the ferment which increases the level of TNF (tumor necrosis factor), NK-cells (“natural killers”) and stimulates generation o lymphocytes (T-healers and T-killers) performing antitumor activity. In case of cardiovascular diseases, Xianggu helps to dissolve atherosclerotic patches, lowers blood cholesterol level, as well as arterial pressure. Xianggu also possess bacteriostatic activity against Streptococcus spp., Actinomyces spp., Lactobacillus spp., Prevotella spp., and Porphyromonas spp.

Tsistanxe: Increases efficiency of oxygen- utilization and helps to improve nourishment of kidneys and genesial organs. The combination of Tsistanxe and the Cordyceps Sinensis increases flexibility, endurance and physical abilities.

Medical Cornus & Japanese Ophyopogon positively affecting to those suffering from hepatitis.

The main ingredients: powder of Cordyceps Sinensis, Ganoderma Lucidum, Xianggu (Lentinula Edodes), Tsistanxe, Medical Cornus, Japanese Ophyopogon, honey.

It is not a medicine.

Linchzhi-Cordyceps Capsules.

Brain is the most important organ which regulates the principal functions of the organism. The efficient physiological and psychical processes are dependant on its efficient work. Our memory, thinking, comprehension, and even consciousness are dependant on brain functioning.

In the modern world the number of factors, negatively affecting the brain functioning and, as a consequence, the functioning of the whole organism, increases daily. These are our heredity, unbalanced diet, ecological threats, overly psycho-emotional and information overload. Therefore, memory, reasoning, physical health problems are encountered not only by elderly people, as it used to be earlier, but also by the considerable part of schoolchildren.

To make the full-fledged brain functioning, it is necessary to guarantee its nourishment that would include all the essential elements and sufficient blood supply of all the areas of brain.

Vital Power Capsules “Lynchzhi-Cordyceps”, produced using the state of the art bio-technologies, contain powder of Cordyceps Sinensis, extracted from fresh wild aweto growing on the Qinghai plateau of China, high quality spore powder of Ganoderma Lucidum (Lynchzhi) and lecithin powder.

These components stimulate brain’s hemodynamic and metabolic processes, in this way boosting memory and mental abilities.

Cordyceps acid, adenosine, polysaccharides, 18 types of amino acids, micro- elements, vitamins A, B1, C and D contained in the product are essential nourishment components that stimulate and improve brain functioning, regulate its imbalance, which is caused by insufficiency of functional possibilities of brain’s neurotransmitters, increase blood microcirculation, and, as a consequence, the delivery of oxygen to the brain, boost mental abilities and reactions.

The product has 6 main features:

  1. High quality. Only natural elite raw material the rarest Cordyceps Sinensis (which grows on the Tibet-Qinghai mountain range), high quality Ganoderma Lucidum, and soy lecithin, which is also sometimes called “reason matter” is used for the manufacturing of the preparation.

  2. Special combination. The optimal proportions of Cordyceps Sinensis, Ganoderma Lucidum and lecithin were established as a result of long-lasting research. Due to it the preparation quickly boosts memory, reasoning and, due to its overall regulation of organism systems, it improves the mental abilities.

  3. High efficiency. The product contains the component important in building nerve cells of brains and marrow; it enhances the pass of information among neurons of brains, improves memory. Product proves to be very effective as a preventive measure when suffering from nervous system racking, mental weariness, failure of memory, dementia at a venerable age (Alzheimer’s disease), at the consequences of insult.

  4. Advanced know-how. The modern scientific methods were employed in production of this product. It enabled the effective and full application of all the components of the raw material while preserving their healing powers.

  5. Ecologically clear product. The product is manufactured from natural raw material, it does not contain artificial additives and preservatives; it is safe and does not have any side effects.

  6. Convenience. The packaging in capsules enables to make the most optimal individual application course. It is not a medicine.


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