Capsules XUEQINGFU Fohow

 Capsules XUEQINGFU Fohow


Serial Number:BA-02. Description: Blood Cleaner Capsule. Defensor of Health, Scavenger of Blood Vessel, Dissolve thrombus. Soften hardened blood vessels. Reduce hypertension, hyperglycaemia and hyperlipemia.Blood Cleaner Capsule is a great success achieved by the many years’ study of the traditional Chinese medicine experts of Fohow Company. It is highly praised by many users: “Blood Cleaner Capsule, defensor of health, scavenger of blood vessel.”

Blood Cleaner Capsule has magic curative effects on hypertension, hyperlipemia, hyperglycaemia, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombus, arteriosclerosis, restricted blood flow to the heart and brain, stroke sequelae, climacteric syndrome, embodying traditional Chinese medicine’s profound theory of comprehensive treatment.

Eliminate thrombus: nattokinase can effectively dissolve the thrombus, inhibit platelet aggregation, suppress new thrombus formation, and restore blood flow, thus prevent the world’s number one killer—cardio- cerebral vascular disease.

Soften hardened blood vessel: OPC is a new potent antioxidant, which is as much as 50 times more potent than Vitamin E and 20 times more than Vitamin C. It is also the most effective free radical scavenger. It helps fight against over 70 diseases, soften blood vessels, reduce vascular fragility and restore vascular elasticity.

Reduce hypertension, hyperglycaemia and hyperlipemia: selected gynostemma pentaphyllum, which helps reduce hypertension, hyperglycaemia and hyperlipemia, adds to the effect of the formula.

Based on the above comprehensive dialectical medical theory, the all natural Blood Cleaner Capsule is more effective in dissolving thrombus than any other medicines. It helps repair blood vessels, restore vascular elasticity, reduce hypertension, hyperlipemia and hyperglycaemia, prevent vascular sclerosis, protect liver, improve immunity, and thus realize the ultimate goal of longevity.

Try a box of Blood Cleaner Capsule, it will bring you new surprise every day:

After one day’s use, you will feel more sober, your fatigue relieved and legs strengthened.

After two days’ use, your constipation will be apparently improved, your skin will become smoother, and the symptom of short of breath gradually relieved.

After three days’ use, your blood circulation will be improved, your thrombus will begin to dissolve, and the waste within your body, intestines and blood vessels will begin to be expelled. 

The basic component of product is Nattokinaza, and also extract from the bones of grapes and extract of Ginostemma of pentifolium. Form of this product - capsules, obtained via the advanced technology of the extracting and other contemporary pharmaceutical technologies.

Composition: nattokinaza, extract from the bones of grapes, extract of Ginostemma of pentifolium, gelatins.

Note: the dose of preparation should be increased gradually, beginning in the first week method from one capsule during the day, and if necessary, dose to increase by one capsule in the week.

Method of the storage: to store hermetically sealed in the dry cool place; to avoid the direct entry of solar rays.


The study of the traditional nourishment of peoples, which have large lifetime and outstanding health, is one of the promising approaches to obtaining of new active and safe natural preparations. So it was discovered, that the health of the Japanese is associated with the significant consumption of products on the basis of soya. Especially useful proved to be the traditional soybean product Natto, which here already more than 1000 years the Japanese eat with the great benefit for the health. Natto obtains by way of the fermentation of boiled soybean beans by useful bacteria - by special strain hay bacillus (Bacillus of subtilis Of var. Natto). In this case the hay bacillus intensively multiplies and it synthesizes ferment (enzyme) to nattokinaza, with which connect useful properties Natto. If earlier to nattokinaza obtained from the extract Natto, then at present for its production are used the henna- unmodified bacteria Of bacillus of subtilis Of var. Natto, that grow on henna unmodified soya.

Doctors focused attention, that the Japanese, who regularly use Natto, are characterized by healthy cardiovascular system, and in them even at the elderly age the blood preserves the normal viscosity, not inclined to the increased coagulation and the formation of dust devils. Natto possesses high fibrinolytic activity is, i.e., capable of dissolving the threads of the protein of fibrin, critical for the viscosity of the blood and for the formation of dust devils. Millions of people in the entire world, regularly assuming most popular anticoagulants - aspirin and to it similar, suffer from the hemorrhages, especially from the gastrointestinal tract. Nattokinaza - this is much more safely and more effectively means in comparison with the aspirin. In contrast to the aspirin and other pharmacological means nattokinaza successfully is used without the side effects and the allergic reactions. Actually, nattokinaza - this is natural alternative to aspirin for preventive maintenance and treating the cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, nattokinaza acts sufficiently for long - for 4 8 hours, and it stands inexpensively. It is very important that in contrast to the medicines of nattokinaza, protecting from the intravascular thrombosis, it does not interfere with the blood being rolled up with the damage of vessels and the injuries.

Functional action:

- it improves the delivery of oxygen to the cloths;
- increases assimilabillity of different nutrients;
- is supported sight;
- increases bone density;
- decreases pain in the joints with their illnesses; pain in the joints and the muscles with the intensive physical loads decreases;
- decreasing the viscosity of lymph,
- improves drainage function and the purification of organism from “the slags”;
- destroys the fibrinous attack, which covers oncologic cells, which makes possible for cell- killers to recognize and to destroy cancerous cells.

Extract from the grape bones

Grapes - earliest culture in the history of civilization. It still is called “the berry of veterans”. In the east, mothers, in which is absent breast milk, feed baby with the dried berries of grapes, covered into soft tissue.

Extract from the grape bones is the richest source of natural bioflavonoids (such as proantocianidins and catechins), and so irreplaceable fatty acids and vitamins. This entire the complex and balanced biocomplex, beneficially influencing organism as a whole, and especially to the cardiovascular and circulatory systems, effectively strengthens the structure of hair and nails; the capability of cells for regeneration activates; a good moisture of epidermis and internal structures of the skin is supported; it contributes to the retention of the hyaluronic acid, critical for hydration and elasticity of skin layers, and impeding its destruction. Bioflavonoids possess the R- vitamin, regenerating activity, slow down aging processes; they resist the development of edemas, inflammatory processes, they neutralize the action of free radicals. The polyunsaturated fatty acids in the composition of the extract of grape bones activate lipid exchange and are restored the barrier functions of epidermis. They help to preserve and to restore the fibers of collagen - base material of articulate, bone and connective tissues. Collagen is the most important protein in the human organism: third of all proteins of organism are collagen, from which 80% relate to the skin. The content of collagen in the organism is gradually decreased in the course of time, which is especially characteristic for the cells of the skin. Collagenic layer ceases to fulfill its function and it becomes incapable to preserve moisture in the skin, which becomes dry, lifeless and pale. Polyphenols decrease intoxicating processes in the organism, slowing down the aging processes of entire organism and skin; they increase elasticity and tone of vessels, they are effective in the preventive maintenance of atherosclerosis and hypertonic disease, exerts the antipyretic, detoxication and antiallergic influence. Proantocianidy of the bones of grapes are acknowledged as some of the powerful among all known natural antioxidants. On the activity they 50 times almost exceed vitamin E and 20 times C. That vitamin increase strength and elasticity of vessels, they decrease the danger of the formation of dust devils. Quercetin is capable to render safe carcinogens, preventing deformation DNA. It renders antipyretic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral action, it stimulates immune system and decreases the manifestations of allergic reactions. 

The plant Of Gynostemma of pentifolium

this is liana, which grows in the mountain forests of China. The study Of ginostemma began in the 70's of the last century, when scientists established that the substances - saponin chosen from it were similar to the active principle of ginseng. But the content of saponin in Ginostemma considerably exceeds the ginseng: if in their ginseng about 20, then in Ginostemma - 84. It is known that saponin - these are the natural organic compounds (glycosides), which participate, in particular, in the synthesis of hormones. As a result numerous studies, including in China, it was established that Ginostemma was capable of showing the expressed health-improvement effect with the diseases of cardiovascular system, in particular arterial hypertonia, oncologic diseases, AIDS, and also in the stress situations. Ginostemma acts on the lipid exchange and is ideal means for thinness. With the support of state committee on the science of China Ginostemma obtained the appreciation of the World Health Organization.

Indications to the application:

- The increased content of cholesterol in the blood.
- The ischemic disease of heart, after stroke or infarction.
- Hypertonic disease.
- Diabetes.
- Reduction in the memory or intellect, especially age-qualification, that are developed most frequently because of the thrombosis of the vessels of brain.

- Muscular fatigue or pain in the feet after walking.
- Frequent numbness or tingling in the hands and the feet of feet.
- In cases when cuts, ulcers on the soles of feet for long are slow to heal.
- Oncologic diseases.

Note: to observe caution with the simultaneous designation of the medicin for to dilute blood means (aspirin and of others)

In one packing: 120 capsules on 250 mg.

Method of application and dose: at the begining 1 caps., than 2,  than m.b. 3 capsules of 2 times in the day; to wash down by warm water.

Note: the dose of preparation should be increased gradually, beginning in the first week method from one capsule during the day, and if necessary, dose to increase by one capsule in the week.

BA-02, 120 Capsules Syuechinfu Fohow 


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