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FOOD SUPPLEMENT. Ingredients: konjak flour, chitosan, food fibre, spirulina, etc. 

 Method of taking: take 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 tab. twice a day, once before dinner and supper. Once taken, drink one or two cup of water immediately.

Net content: 144 tab. Enterprise standard :Q/YD003-2005. Approved document Number:Yue Wei Shi Zheng Zi(2005) No.0403A00318. Best use in 18 months after production date. Method of preserving: keep in cool, dry and no sunning place.

Nourishing tablets “Gaosen Phoenix” they have the following basic action: 

1. blood sugar is decreased.

After entry in organism, konjak flour and high(ly)-fibrous cellulose tissue, similar to sponge, they suck water and is formed gelatinous mass. This increases the viscosity of food, slows down the process of mastering the glucose from the food, gives a feeling of saturation, is reduced a quantity of the sugar entering, it protects from an increase in the level of sugar immediately after the adoption of food. At the same time, after absorbtion of moisture by the dissoluble high(ly)-fibrous cellulose, is created “separating” layer on the surface of mucosa of small intestine, which prevents the suction of glucose in the bowels. The not mastered glucose is derived from the bowels with the fecal masses. Furthermore, high(ly)-fibrous cellulose tissue increases the sensitivity of insulin: via the mutual effect of reduction in the sugar, there is the possibility to decrease the need of organism for insulin. Furthermore, the excellent quality of the squirrels of Spirulina, the low content of fats and sugar makes product with ideal nourishment with the symptoms of diabetes.

2. decrease the fats of the blood.

Cholesterol - this is one of the forms of the fats of the blood. Increases the danger of the disease by the ischemic disease of heart and by the deposits of stones. High(ly)-fibrous cellulose tissue, falling into the organism, decreases comprehensibility it is cholesterol in the bowels, activates the conclusion of bile, is reduced content level it is cholesterol, than it contributes to protection and preventive maintenance of the ischemic disease of heart and formation of stones.

3. it fights with a feeling of hunger, it contributes to reduction in the weight.

When konjak gum and high(ly)-fibrous cellulose tissue begin to swell in the stomach, then they contribute to filling and expansion of stomach and bowels. This creates the sensation of satiety, which slows down the process of the consumption of food. Also this contributes to the partial limitation of mastering fats and sugar, increases the expenditure of fats in the organism. This helps the patients with diabetes and people with the symptoms of obesity to take control a feeling of hunger and appetite, which easily contributes to reduction in the weight. 4. it moistens bowels, improves the passability of bowels, it contributes to the removal of toxins. As a result of the entry into the organism of the human of high(ly)-fibrous cellulose tissue, it begins to absorb moisture and to be enlarged, to swell, increasing the volume of bowels. This process makes it possible to soften fecal masses; this makes their passability of of lighter and more rapid. At the same time, such processes stimulate the activity of the peristalsis of bowels, decreasing the stagnation and the possibility of mastering the toxins in the bowels. Plus to this the bonding action of chitosan with respect to the toxins and the heavy metals, which makes it possible to derive toxins and salts of heavy metals beyond the limits of organism with the fecal masses, simultaneously moistening bowels. This gives auxiliary therapeutic effect with the long bolt and the haemorrhoid. Recently in view of an increase in the overall standard of living of people, food becomes more refined. Is everywhere observed the tendency of reduction in the consumption by people into the food of food fibers. High-calorie food with the high content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates contributes to the appearance of obesity, diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, hyperlipemia and other diseases among the swiftly growing quantity of people. These facts drew close attention of the scientists: the result of these historical phenomena in the practice of nourishment are nourishing tablets “Gaosen Phoenix”. Together with the assignment to the organism of the human of a sufficient nourishment, this product also helps to derive from the organism many harmful substances, excess fats, toxins. “Restoration” and “cleaning”, two functions in one product, this precisely that, what contemporary person sharply requires. It is recommended: to the persons with the symptoms of obesity, to people with three “hyper” (hypertonia, hyperlipemia, hyperglycemia); desiring to preserve healthy sport figure; to people, which suffer the sharp form of bolt (chronic bolt).

Method of method into the food:

1. with to reduction in the weight: 8 tablets in the daytime and in the evening after half-hour before the adoption of food; to wash down by warm water.

2. for the preventive maintenance, during the intake of food (for example, fatty): 4 tablets in the daytime and in the evening after half-hour before the adoption of food; to wash down by warm water. 90 days - cycle of method. By the group of the specialists of a daughterly enterprise in the corporation Phoenix - the Research Institute (NII Scientific Research Institute) of the products of sanitation Yu Of [de] - on the basis of traditional theory tkm about the nourishment and cares of life was developed splendid highly effective preparation “Gaosen Phoenix”. This preparation combines in itself the restoring and purifying functions, it is extraordinarily rich nourishing, it is favorable for the longevity. Product is produced with the application of contemporary chelate technology. Nourishing tablets “Gaosen Phoenix” allow the guaranteed nourishment, necessary for the human organism. With the aid of the mechanism of cleaning with the method of tablets “Gaosen Phoenix” - high(ly)-fibrous cellulose tissue cleans bowels, it " packs” harmful fats and derives beyond the limits of organism, improves mastering sugar - the possibility to delight in by delicacies and consumption of tasty (but not always useful) food is enlarged, preserving in this case the healthy state of organism. This preparation - irreplaceable unique satellite of nourishment for the complete, suffering obesity people, and also for the persons with the symptoms “3rd hypers-syndrome” (hypertonia, hyperglycemia, hyperlipemia).

Basic composition:
1. Konjak flour.

This is the low-calorie high(ly)-fibrous traditional preparation of the sphere of nourishment. This also plant pharmaceutical preparation with the unique properties. Konjak flour obtained the honorable name “of Doctor- bootblack ”, “godly medicine, presented by sky”. The basic preventive and therapeutic action Of konjak is reduced to a reduction of the content of fats, sugar and is cholesterol in the blood, it removes the consequences of toxicosis with the tumor diseases, inhibits the growth of bacteria, stimulates the isolation of humoral liquid, hemostasis is removed. Render excellent effect in people with the symptoms obesity, bolt, cardiovascular diseases and others is preventive maintenance and booster therapeutic agent with the cancerous diseases of bowels, gullet, brain and others is extraordinarily rich in unique nourishing components. In accordance with the analysis, in every 100 g. of tuberous stems Konjak is contained until 50. Konjak of the glucomannan (kgfm, KGM), also are contained glucose, fructose, cane sugar. As showed studies of the last years, konjak glucomannan (KGM), which is contained in one, renders excellent effect for a reduction of the content of sugar in the patients with diabetes. Since the molecules of the substance of preparation sufficiently large and possess high viscosity, preparation as a whole contributes to the lightened mastering of sugar, is reduced the content of sugar after the consumption of food it, thus, removes load from the pancreas. As a result of the ability Konjak to reduce the general content of triglycerides is cholesterol in the serum, its application renders excellent effect the persons with the symptoms hypertonia and obesity. Konjak has the following preventive value:
* it is the preventive maintenance of an increase in the index of blood sugar. As show studies, the application of konjak of the glucomannan (KGM) (in the composition Of konjak) reduces the level of the addition of glucose and insulin immediately after the consumption of food considerably more effective than the application of guar gum or the polysaccharide of galaktomannan. It was also discovered, that even the small method of konjak of the glucomannan contributes to a reduction of the content of sugar and insulin in the blood. Adult with the symptoms of diabetes besides normal daily nourishment, regularly assumed 3.2-7.2 g. of konjak of the glucomannan (KGM) for a period of 90 days, on the 20th day of method already obtained a decrease it was cholesterol on the average to 11.2%, sugar in the blood (measurement to the empty stomach) to 29%. As showed the studies (test to the tolerance to the glucose) with the healthy people, to which they gave into the food daily 2.6 g. of konjak of the glucomannan (KGM), blood sugar was reduced by 7.3%, insulin concentration in the serum by 13%.
* impedes (it inhibits) formation it is cholesterol, the metabolism of bilious acid activates.
* prolongs the time of the presence of food in the stomach. Application Of konjak gives the sensation “of satiety” and “the populations of stomach”, is reduced the index of [rN] (acidity). The speed of mastering sugar slows down, than is decreased consumption by the organism of insulin. This is very favorable for the people with the symptoms of diabetes.
* it improves the functions of bowels. The extrected powder Of konjak has a mechanism of action in gastro-intestinel tract, similar to other food fibers. It activates the peristalsis of bowels, moreover it slows down it to the empty stomach. After entry into the digestive tract of man of food products from Konjak, of the glucomannan (KGM) (extracted powder Of konjak) in spite of the decrease of sizes of the isolations of organism, contributes to an increase in the variety of microflora of bowels, strengthening the disintegration of short-chain fatty acids, and through the digestive tract it sufficiently rapidly contributes to changes in the picture on the colonies of microflora of the bowels: by rapid rates are stimulated multiplication, increase in bifidobacteria and another useful microflora. Acidity also increases, the activity of different pathogenic (harmful) microflora effectively is impeded, the production of toxins is reduced, the protection (preventive maintenance) of action and attack of cancerous cells occurs. Therefore there is an obvious preventive effect of cancer of rectum, enteritis and other diseases. Foodstuffs from Konjak dilute harmful substances in the stomach and the bowels, increase the ability of control of the bowels,  the digestion of food, increase the speed of the passage of the overcured food through gastro-intestinel tract. For this reason The extracted powder Of konjaka is excellent basis during the treatment of bolt; are derived toxins from the organism, it contributes to the correction of state and color of the skin. Therefore it still call “bootblack” or “yard-keeper”.
* is reduced the content of triglycerides. As showed studies, the jelly of konjak of the glucomannan (kgfm, KGM) were capable of considerably reducing the content of triglycerides in the blood serum. By absorption (absorption) it is cholesterol, thiobarbituric acid, salts of heavy metals and food dyeing ferments the extracted powder Of konjaka prevents the suction of the substances pointed out above by the wall of bowels and it derives beyond the limits of organism, which is favorable for human health. Thus, in the blood occurs reduction in the content it is cholesterol and triglycerides.
* it does not participate in the production of energy. The extracted powder Of konjak does not supply the human organism excess energy. At the same time, the solution of the extracted powder Of konjak forms protective layer around the food, which prevents from the action of the digestive enzymes with the food. Foodstuffs from Konjak in the course of the absorption of fats from the food containing fat gradually increase in the sizes, which rapidly and for a long time guarantees a feeling of satiety.
* has the important action of the regulation of the blood.

2. very dense Chitosan.

Chitosan - these are the food fibers of animal origin, which carry the positive electric charge (cations). Chitosan - this is the only in nature form of the polysaccharides of alkaline nature, which caused its important physiological functions. Very strong influence on the physiological activity of the human organism exerts. Many dietological organizations of the USA and Europe in 1991 named chitosan the following after the proteins, fats, sugar, vitamins and minerals “sixth element” of life, necessary for human health.
* after entry into the human organism, chitosan practically is not mastered by organism, that showed the analysis of fecal masses. For its this reason they carry to the variety of nourishing fibers. Besides the partial characteristics strictly of nourishing fibers, the chitosan also has an action of regulation and improvement in the functions gastro-intestinel tract, renders the restoring and preventive action on the mucous membrane of stomach. Chitosan contributes to strengthening immunity, inhibits an increase in the cancerous cells, it is capable to reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, fats of the blood. It has the expressed function of the conclusion of toxins, effectively are derived from the organism pesticides, chemical dyes and other contaminiating organism harmful substances.
* chitosan is capable to create steady chemical compounds with the salts (ions) of heavy metals, which also is used for the search in the depths of the world ocean of lead, copper and other heavy metals (in particular, applied value ( obtaining by the separation of copper from the industrial effluents ) it found a use in the industry). Also chitosan enters into reaction and are created steady connections with the fatty acids, such complex compounds in turn consecutively can join (to suck) fatty substances inside the organism, therefore chitosan is not mastered in the human organism. Thus, fats and heavy metals of the internal medium of the human organism are derived beyond his limits with the chitosan. This serves as aid in the preventive maintenance of obesity and cardiovascular diseases, vascular diseases of the brain and so forth
* very dense chitosan possesses high affinity with respect to the food dyeing substances. Inside the organism, as showed experiences, azo dyes and paint- sudan dye form stable compounds with the chitosan, they are not mastered by organism and are derived beyond its limits together with the chitosan. At the same time, chitosan can be used as chewing gum, since it renders the bleaching effect on the enamel of teeth.

3. high(ly)-fibrous cellulose tissue.

Extract from the cellular wall of plants. It is macromolecular cellulose, smaller weight, but larger volume. In gastro-intestinel tract occupies large space, a feeling of satiety, absence of appetite is created; it contributes to diet, procedures on reduction in the weight.
* with the method into the food stimulates the activity of the peristalsis of bowels, stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, it enhances the preventive maintenance of diabetes and bolt.
* it contributes to the formation of gelatinous masses in the bowels from the dissoluble cellulose, which leads to retarding of the suction of sugar, strengthening the metabolism of glucose. This contributes to an increase in the receptor connections of insulin in the cells of a monocytic number, which leads to reduction in the need for insulin. Obvious effect for reduction in blood sugar renders.
* high(ly)-fibrous cellulose tissue contributes to production by microflora of thick bowels of many vitamins, and it also contributes to the removal of pathogenic toxins from the organism through digestion system.

4. Spirulina.

By many the familiar green alga of natural origin. One of the richest in nutrients products of healthy nourishment.
* contains to 60-70% of high-quality protein, a insignificant quantity of fats and carbohydrates (sugar). Excellent restoring preparation of nourishment, ideal product for the restoration after diabetes.
* it contains the reduced fat Y- linolenic acid, which retracts excess weight, contributing to the metabolism of fats. Preventive maintenance to the formation of dust devils, effective fight with the cardiovascular diseases, the diseases of the vessels of the brain; it contributes  to reduction in the weight.
* it contains the substances of alkaline nature - chlorophyll and other - rendering detoxication action. It regulates alkaline balance in the stomach, protects gastro-intestinel tract in patients with the symptoms of the ulcer of the digestive tract. As show scientific research, with each increase [RN] in the organism in 0.1 portion, also grows the use of insulin by 75%.
* contain 8 the not synthesized by organism amino acids, there are many microcells; is removed fatigue, it restores the activity of the cells of the brain, increases the immunity of organism.
* contains SOD and other nourishing antioxidant components, which support the health of the skin. They slow down the harmful destructive action on the cells from the side of free radicals; they are the preventive maintenance of the aging processes and chronic diseases.

5. differentiated protein.

Extract from the natural plant components. It is most close in the structure to the proteins, synthesized in the human organism. This is the natural plant protein, more easily entire mastered by organism. As show the experiences, when the differentiated protein begins to occupy to 25% even more in the monthly food ration of man, once for a period of the 3rd weeks of reception, by the patients with hyperlipemia (increased content of fats and it is cholesterol in the blood) indices on decrease in the fats it is cholesterol in the blood they compose 17-25%. Nourishing tablets “Gaosen Phoenix” - let us increase the quality of our life!

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F-005, 144 tabletes "Gaosen Phoenix‘‘- GAOQIAN Fohow 


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