Capsules Hai Cao Gai

   Soft capsules Hai Cao Gai -  Calcium alginate 


Serial Number: BA01. Basic components: Calcium from the seaweeds (Lyutsao), The vitamin of group “D” obtained from vegetable oil, the gelatin. Description:  Seaweed calcium soft capsule - plant calcium, easy absorption, and the safest. 1. Natural seaweed extraction, green food ensures more safety. 2. Liquid calcium preparation, much easier to be absorbed. 3. Contain 73 kinds of essential minerals, representing more balanced nutrition. 4. PH=7,no stimulation to the intestines and stomach.

Phoenix seaweed calcium soft capsule, the latest calcium-enriching product based upon calcium alginate as the main raw material and processed through the application of patented technology, is featured with pure natural, high calcium content, more easily absorbed and so on.

Acalcerosis may lead to more than 160 kinds of diseases, and the symptoms find expression as follows,

l        Children: Awakened hyperhidrosis, diarrhea, cramps, anorexia eclipse, late in learning to speak, walk, and teething, easy to catch cold, etc.

l        Youth: Debility of the legs and cramps, hypodynamia all over the body, irritability, fatigue and addiction to a specific food, decayed teeth, allergies, frequent colds, etc.

l        Middle age: Spontaneous perspiratio and fatigue, calf cramp, pain in the back, frequent allergies and colds, etc.

l        Old age: Itch of skin, cervical pain, loosening of teeth, dreaminess and insomnia, irritability and excitability, etc.

l        Expectant mother: Loosening of teeth, myasthenia of limbs, arthrodynia, dizziness anemia and edemasedemata, insufficient lactation.

How to choose calcium products?

Ideal calcium tonic should have the three major conditions:

① Contain high quantity, high-quality pure calcium;

② Natural green, sufficient dissolution;

③ Easily absorbed and utilized by human body.

Why Phoenix seaweed calcium is eminent above all others?  extracted from high-quality seaweed, is featured with 100% pure natural quality, and is worthy of the real green food with high degree of safety and reliability;

2. Phoenix seaweed calcium is produced in form of liquid calcium preparation which is easily absorbed by the human body. The absorption rate can be more than 96% while the ordinary absorption rate of calcium source is only 40%.

3. In addition to the extremely abundant plant calcium, phoenix seaweed calcium also contains as many as 73 kinds of minerals essential to human body, and thus ensures a more balanced nutrition. For example, as seaweed calcium is rich in abundant iron, ladies can obtain flushing complexion and become charming and moving while obtaining abundant calcium source if they take phoenix seaweed calcium soft capsule.

4. The PH value of phoenix seaweed calcium is PH7, representing no stimulation to intestines, stomach, and gastic mucosa.

The biochemical activity and excellent formula of phoenix seaweed calcium soft capsule is more in line with human needs, and eminent above all other calcium-enriching products. 

The use of exclusive technology of processing makes it possible to obtain absolutely new product for restoring the normal level of the content of calcium in the organism.
The value of calcium is great, when we encounter the problems of osteoporosis, the bone fractures, [narusheniemi] of heart activity.
C by age the process of reduction of bone tissue in the human organism slows down, as a result of which it can arise the exchange disease of the bones - osteoporosis, that is manifested in the decrease of the mass of bone tissue.
The reason for disease - worsening in the mastering by the organism of calcium, which can be hereditary or that caused by the shortage of female hormones to the period of menopause.
Osteoporosis can be developed, also, because of the unfavorable ecological situation, and in connection with worsening in the nourishment because of the insufficient entering of calcium into [orgavnizm] of man.
Very frequently osteoporosis is developed it is unnoticeably and revealed only with the breaks even from the light load or the weak impact.
Frequently osteoporosis is called “invisible epidemic”, sometimes putting it even in fourth place in a number of the reasons for mortality (after cardiovascular, oncologic disease and diabetes).
Important role in the development of osteoporosis plays the factor dependent on age.
According to medical statistics, osteoporosis is fixed in 30-50% of fifty year (predominantly women), and after 75 years half of men and women suffers it.
But today osteoporosis becomes the problem of young.

Indications to the application:

- Averting aging processes
- The vitamin and mineral insufficiency
- The insufficiency of the functions of the parathyroid glands
- Increased [pronitsaemostkrovenosnykh] vessels, the hemorrhage
- Allergic diseases, diatheses
- Preventive maintenance and the treatment of osteoporosis, rachitis, arthritis
- Skin diseases (itch, eczema, psoriasis)
- Spasms and the syndrome of tired feet.
- The climacteric and postclimacteric period
- The preventive maintenance of oncologic, cardiovascular diseases.
- The preventive maintenance of caries of the teeth
- The increased brittleness of the nails
- Other indications

In one packing: 100 capsules on 800 mg.

Method of application and dose:  2 capsules of 2 times in the day; to wash down with warm water.

BA-01  Soft 100 capsules Haytsao Gay Calcium alginate. 



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