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Serial Number: F006. Description : FOHOW MEIGUI, FOOD SUPPLEMENT. Rose extractive & oligosaccharides is used for beauty care and keeping intestine healthy by increasing multiplication of Bifidobacterium. Ingredients: Rose extractive, Fructooligosaccharides, Xylooligosaccharide, Stachyose. A quantity of useful microflora of bowels increases, it stabilizes and strengthens functions of gastro-intestinal tract  in the human organism; the secretion of digestive juice is regulated, activates digestion and suction in gastro-intestinal tract, it helps with the diarrhea. The youth of bowels preserves, increases immunity, slows down aging organism, has cosmetic effect. Obvious influence on the allergy and growing old muscles exert.

Enterprise Standard:Q/YD04-2005. Approved document Number:Yue Wei Shi Zheng Zi (2005)0403A00318. 
Net content: 120g. Best use in 18 months after production date. Method of preserving: keep in cool and dry place. Method of taking: To accept in inside 3 once a day on 2 - 3 teaspoon. It is possible to stir in tea or to smear on bread.

Fohow health products co.,ltd. Address:245,Long xia road,dou men district,zhuhai , Guangdong, China

Basic action of product fruit paste “Rosa Phoenix”:


In accordance with the principle “external influences internal”, it is capable of dissolving pigment spots, of activating disintegration and metabolism of melanin, it makes possible for man to have white elastic healthy skin.

 It is recommended:

Fruit paste “Rosa Phoenix” approaches to all groups of people, without the limitations. Fruit paste “Rosa Phoenix” - the small nurse of the intestinal tract. Corporation Phoenix conducted research and development of product fruit paste “Rosa Phoenix” (original name - pink oligosaccharides). Oligosaccharides - this new in the sugar, which have health-improvement value for the organism.

Into the composition of product such basic components enter as
- extract from is flowering rose,
- oligosaccharides,
- oligoxiloza,
- stachyose and other

Taste is pleasant, effect very obvious. It is used for health-improvement purposes. Also it is possible to use for food purposes as a substitute of sugar, the most regular possible use. It is accessible and irreplaceable by food  of health-improvement direction for the elderly people and the children. The gastro-intestinal tract of man becomes shelter for the numerous bacteria. According to the sign of influence on the organism it is possible to conditionally divide them into the useful, the harmful and the neutral. Advantage in the organism have useful bacteria, this outwardly is evinced by the state, called health status. Bifidobacteria, which come out as the micro-ecological regulator, are the most characteristic representatives of useful microflora: they activate mastering nutrients in the bowels, they increase immunity, they are for profilaction, and also treat bolt and diarrhea, answer for lowering in the level of fats in the blood, slow down an increase in the pathogenic flora of bowels and putrefactive bacteria, decompose anticancer substances and others in several hours after the generation of baby into the light in his bowels already they begin to appear bifidobacteria. After a lapse of 1-2 weeks of bifidobacterium they acquire absolute leadership in the bowels. And this is one of the main reasons for strong immunity in babies. A quantity of bifidobacteria in the organism decreases with the age, void is formed, but piously place emptily is not; therefore different pathogenic bacteria strive into the bowels. How it is possible to activate the action of bifidobacteria in the adult organism and to stimulate their increase - division?

The first, at what arrived the scientists, consisted of the use inside the living microflora, i.e., the direct completion of microflora of bowels. However, studies showed that the straight method of living microflora does not make possible for this microflora to create colony on the walls of gastro-intestinal tract of man, but only to exist short time. And if we once cease this method, then in the colon the advantage of living microflora immediately ceases. For this very reason scientific workers developed special nourishment for bifidobacteria - bifidofaktor. This is the nourishment, which is not overcooked and is not mastered by the human organism. Therefore with the internal administration, this nourishment directly falls in gastro-intestinal tract. It is capable of selectively stimulating increase and activity of bifidobacteria. Thus, is reached [autostimulyatsiya] to the division of bifidobacteria, which leads to an increase in the resistibility to the aggression of pathogenic flora, decreases the possibility of the appearance of diseases. For this very reason [bifidofaktor] is the factor of an increase in the number of bifidobacteria. By many scientists to it was appropriated to it the honorable title of the fifth generation of health-improvement products.

Basic components of fruit paste “Rosa Phoenix”:

● stachyose - this of tetrose, that has the structure: fructose-glucose-galactose- galactose. It relates to the sugar difficult to assimilate. With the use into the food it falls straight in gastro-intestinal tract for the use by bifidobacteria and by another useful microflora. Its health-improvement function besides the role of bifidofaktor stimulating the division of bifidobacteria also is expressed in a complex improvement in the situation in the bowels: stachyose activates an increase in the content in the bowels short-chain fatty acids, increasing acidity of gastro-intestinal tract how slows down the formation of the products of rotting, impedes lift it is cholesterol and others.

● Of oligoxiloza has the following physiological functions:

* it activates useful flora of bowels. In the bowels of animals and man different bacteria are present, forming the so-called entero-bacterial colonies. In order to preserve the human organism in the healthy state, it is compulsorily necessary that advantage bifidobacteria would have among the enterobacteria. Furthermore, it is necessary to place in the unfavorable position harmful fuzobakterium Of vensana and coliform bacterium. Or in the critical, stress situations the joint number of useful microflora of bowels is decreased with the age. In the course of studies it was discovered the sufficiently large and close connection between reduction in the quantity of colonies of useful microflora of bowels and appearance of such phenomena as accelerated of aging organism, reduction in the resistibility and immune functions, chronic diseases of metabolic nature, and also the formation of malignant tumors and so forth Therefore scientists came to the conclusion that for maintaining the health of the human organism by the main factor appears correct resolution of a question about the maintenance of the preferred position of useful microflora of bowels in the colonies of gastro-intestinal tract. The use of small doses of oligosaccharides today is optimal functional solution.

Their doses compose 15-20 times less than the doses of oligo - izomaltoza (isomaltoleaguesaccharide); 10 times less than the dose of fruktooligosakharides (FOS). For the human organism during the day it is sufficient 0.4-1.4 g. of oligoxilozy. After entry into bowels  of oligoxiloza comprises more than 98%. In this case the effect of the division of bifidobacteria is very obvious.

* it improves the functions of bowels. In one of the clinical observations according to the data of the Japanese company Of Santori, 29- TI to pregnant women, who suffer bolt, daily gave orally 4 g. of oligoxiloza. The frequency of the isolations of feces increased during 4 weeks, the peristalsis was normalized in more than half of those observed.

* it makes it possible to preserve the soft consistency of the isolations of feces. The daily method 0.7-1.4 g. of oligoxiloza makes it possible to preserve the normal soft consistency of the isolations of feces. Also it helps to noticeably decrease the triglyceride of serum (serum triacyl of glitserol, TG), to increase the content it is cholesterol to high density (HDL) and to increase removal with the feces from the organism of neutral sterols.

● oligosaccharides. They activate useful microflora of bowels, they improve situation with the bolts, guarding function with respect to the liver renders, is reduced level it is cholesterol in the blood, they are the preventive maintenance of cancer large intestine, they stimulate production by the organism of vitamins and other.

● extract from is flowering rose. Ancient doctors gave the very appreciation of Rose. Ancient treatise “Chinese summary pharmacopoeia” asserts that the rose “brings into order vital energy", removes negative emotions, it helps with the pains in the liver and the stomach, rheumatic arthritis of different period, haemoptysis, disorder of menstrual cycle, sanious linen yarns, bloody purulent diarrhea, dysentery, "poisoning” and other symptoms.

F-006, Fruit paste “Rosa Phoenix” FOHOW MEIGUI 120 g.  


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