Natural preparats of Fohow

  Natural preparats of FOHOW 

In view of existing alternative nonmedicine methods: acupuncture, laser therapy, moxa, electrotherapy and others, including natural products, herbs and minerals - in an integrated approach to individual treatment, regeneration and recondition of organism recommend proven products and reliable producers of  firm FOHOW. Phoenix (Fohow)  is an auspicious super-bird that can bring luckiness to people. It is said that people who see him will gain a happy life. Fohow Group, setting its goal at "spreading health culture and bring benefit to health for human being", expects to bring health and happiness to all friends just like the phoenix bird do. Phoenix , absorbing merits of hundreds of birds, with the most fair-sounding voice, the strongest physique, and the most beautiful feather, is the king of birds. Just like the target of Fohow Group, to be the best and the largest company.  Phoenix, a valorous bird that never afraid of difficulties, who has experienced numerous tribulation and tempering in raging flame but always reborn and grow to be the most beautiful and immortal super-bird. Our partners in Fohow Group also pursuit of excellence and never afraid of throwback till we become the best. Rapid effect and a positive result is achieved through the use of liquid forms - elixirs Cordyceps and other higher fungi, which are absorbed by the body in patients with 98-100% effectivity!

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Products groups:

1-“Regulating” Series
FOHOW ORAL LIQUID, Serial Number : F001

FOWOH LINCHZHI, Serial Number : F003

2 -“Clearing” Series

FOHOW LIUWEI CHA, Serial Number : F004

FOHOW GAOQIAN, Serial Number : F005

FOHOW MEIGUI, Serial Number : F006


Capsules XUEQINGFU, Serial Number : F009

3 - “Nourishing” Series


Calcium alginate, Serial Number : F010

4 - Healthcare & Nursing Series

Legend of Fohow - gynaecological preparat, Serial Number : FH005

Phoenix Laser Therapy Instrument, Serial Number : FH006

Biological response thermal waist support, Serial Number : FH01

Security girth neck using biothermal energy, Serial Number : FH02

Biological response thermal kneepad, Serial Number : FH03 

Health club - MONADOS s.r.o.

Dr. Viacheslav PETROV, CSc

alternativ medicinefree methods of treatment, akupuncture, laser therapy, massage, recondition and regeneration

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