Ganoderma Lucidum, Capsules Linchzhi



From time immemorial by prescribing medicine Chinese doctors gave preference to Chinese Cordyceps which was considered the Emperor among medicinal herbs of the Chinese medicine. Chinese people long before have already estimated and learnt the true value of medicinal nature of this plant. The curative effect of the plant on an organism many times exceeds the effect of the ginseng and antler. The history of the plant use has already been counting more than one thousand years. Chinese Cordyceps is mentioned as “a national medication with millennial record” and “the Emperor of all medicines” in more than 70 ancient books on medicine. Chinese Cordyceps has earned great praise as a highly-effective preparation which gives positive results of curing liver, lungs, respiratory system as well as of regulating the functioning of all human organs. Serial Number: F003. Ingredients: Glossy Ganoderma mycelium powder - 50%, Chinese Cordyceps - 30%, Linchzhi spore powder - 20%.

Method of taking: take 0,5-1- 2  capsules a day, 1 or 2 times before lunch, supper. Once taken, drink one or two cups of water immediately.

Enterprise standard: Q/YD9-2005. Approved document Number: Yue Wei Shi Zheng Zi(2005) No.0403A00318

Net content: 0,3g x 24 caps. Best use in 18 months after production date.

Method of preserving: keep in cool and dry place, hide from sunlight. Fohow Health Products Co., Ltd. Address: 245,Long Xia road, Dou men district, Zhuhai, Guangdong province, China.

Modern medical scientific studies have demonstrated that VA, VPP, VB12, Mg, Ca, Zn contained in Chinese Cordyceps clears the human brain by guaranteeing improvement of cognitive functions. While improving the quality of blood, Chinese Cordyceps contributes to better permeability of blood through cardiac and cerebral vessels, strengthens the nervous system, improves the reaction of a man and enhances intense cerebral cells activity by making memory better at the same time.
Linchzhii has been used for “soothing nerves” and improvement of brain activity for many years. The Ganodermic contained in Linchzhi provides so necessary oxygen supply to the human heart and brain. This is a plant which has deserved an endless quantity of praise and words of gratitude for its ability to help people keep young. Linchzhi mycelium and Linchzhi spore powder, the best components of Linchzhi, are used for production of capsules Fohow LINCHZHI.
Linchzhi and Chinese Cordyceps combined together with the help of modern technological possibilities bring significantly more benefit; they possess the power to fill the brain of a man with all necessary elements. Linchzhi and Chinese Cordyceps enhance brain functioning, regulate brain activity disorders and speak of mental activities of a man. They are two most effective products able to protect the activity of the brain.
The advanced cell wall cracking technology and NANO-SCALE technology are used in production of capsules Fohow LINCHZHI. The cell wall cracking technology enables to preserve its useful components at the maximum; the NANO-SCALE technology in its turn many times enhances the level of assimilability of useful components by the organism. The product has been developed by Mr. Tan Youzhi who is the founder of the modern Chinese medicine in the field of health care.

F-003, 24 Capsules FOHOW LINCHZHI


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